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Web-development of every kind is one focus of Sybase PowerJ 3.0 (see Figure 1). In addition to a complete Java development environment, PowerJ comes with a set of tools that differentiates it from other Java IDEs on the market. These tools are PowerDynamo, a Web site hosting tool that allows you to drive a Web site from a database; PowerSite, a Web site management tool; Adaptive Server Anywhere, a small-footprint relational database; ObjectCycle, a source code control package; and Enterprise Application Server. Sybase is also lowering the price of PowerJ, placing it in the $600­$800 range. Given the tools that come in the package, that's not an unreasonable price. I'll begin my review by focusing on PowerJ itself. This is the third version of PowerJ, and it's had several years to be polished. The IDE features color-syntax highlighting, background compilation and drag... (more)

(Im)perfect Timing

All right, I'm ready to admit that I made a slight miscalculation. Not an error, necessarily...just a slight misjudgment when it came to the timing of something. Back in January I made a set of predictions concerning the industry, as I'm wont to do at the beginning of a new year. In those predictions I stated that I didn't think we'd see any Enterprise JavaBean products until the end of this year. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that EJB is the all-Java equivalent of CORBA or COM. It's also the direction I see Java programming headed toward for a number of reason... (more)

Two to Tango

Sometimes I think no one reads the editorial. Normally I receive maybe no more than fifty comments concerning any editorial. I kid myself that I do a good enough job lining up the content for the magazine that no one has any complaints, and that they post each month's editorial on a wall for all to see. In reality, I hope it doesn't show up on that many dart boards ­ I know programmers. Our JavaOne issue (JDJ Vol. 4, issue 6) wasn't one of those times. I've been writing about programming for over five years, and I've got to say that the response to my "XML Mambo" column was nothi... (more)

My Forte

My Forté Here's an old joke. A guy in a strange town needs to get a haircut. There're only two barbers in the town, but the guy doesn't know either of them. Which one does he pick? The answer is the guy with the worst haircut. Why? Because neither barber can cut his own hair, so the guy with the worst haircut is the better barber. What's this got to do with Java? Well, it reminds me of the strange position that Sun has been in for the past several years. I think Java is one of the most profound software concepts to ever come along, and there's no question that Sun is the proud o... (more)

Going, Going GONE!

I may be somewhat unusual, but I've never bought anything at an online auction. I've seen eBay, and one of my friends sold some of his collection of valuable magazines (okay, comic books) on eBay, but I've never gone the whole route and come home with the goods. I've thought about it a couple of times. I recently built a computer from parts, and one of the places I looked for motherboards had an auction, but they didn't have the board I wanted and there was no way to post my own offer to buy. Auctions consist of at least two different processes, if not three. There's the straigh... (more)