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If you're old enough, you probably remember the whole episode with Al Haig in the White House, saying "I'm in charge here" during the period when Reagan was shot. He wasn't really, but it's a good illustration of the concept of confusion, and how different people react to situations. How is this relevant to SOA and Web services? That's an excellent question. As in a country, an organization implementing SOA needs governance and direction. A simple example may help shine a light on this subject. Let's suppose a division of a large company implements a new security service. Since it's only one division (let's suppose the company has some 50 divisions), they size the service to suit their needs only, and use a small server (maybe two for redundancy). Now, the service is successful, and other divisions start to use it, and so on. Pretty soon the service is up and down ... (more)

SOA World Editorial — Who's in Charge Here?

You know, I love an election year. The drama, the emotion, the positioning, it all makes me think about running for office myself - or at least going through the motions to generate a large war chest that I can dip into (I AM from New Jersey, it's a time-honored tradition). Oh, wait a minute this isn't an election year. Not that you'd know it from the slew of politicians tossing their hats in the ring. I guess it's a good idea to get in the race early if you're aiming for the brass ring. Service Oriented Architecture is a complicated endeavor: it provides great flexibility in im... (more)

I'm Wondering What Comes After SOA

At the end of the year, it's always interesting to take a moment and try to imagine what's next. In this case, I'm not thinking about whether the Patriots will win the Super Bowl, I'm wondering what comes after service-oriented architecture. Although SOA has been dramatically hyped as the solution to cure all ills, it has still taken a good deal of time for organizations to adopt SOA in even a limited fashion. It's clear from its adoption by vendors as an integration strategy and by many IT organizations as a design philosophy that SOA will eventually be the mainstream set of ar... (more)

Stuck in the Middle with You

About a year ago, in a magazine not too far away, I wrote an article called "Middle-Tier Madness." A year and several languages later, we're back at the middle-tier stage again. Distributed computing is one of my main areas of interest, so my concern with the middle tier shouldn't surprise anyone. I've done work with all three of the major standards for distributed work - CORBA, COM and EJB. I much prefer EJB. For those of you that don't recognize the acronym, it stands for Enterprise JavaBeans, a specification from Sun Microsystems that describes how to construct server components... (more)


You see personalization and targeted marketing all over the web. Almost every commerce site offers you the opportunity to set up your own favorites, rearrange their home page to suit your tastes, and be remembered when you come to their site. Every site I visit allows me to set up my own personalized content. I use MSN for some things, like tracking my stocks and local weather. I use CNN for news. I use Amazon for buying things and eBay for trading. And everyone lets me do it my way. As a system architect who concentrates on commerce sites, I spend a lot of time figuring out how... (more)