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What's in a name? A rose by any other name will still smell as sweet. Well, perhaps in the world of horticulture, but in the information technology arena, I'm not sure that aphorism applies. I'm sure you all realize that I'm referring to the recent purchase of Rational Software by IBM for approximately $2.2 billion dollars. This acquisition leaves me wondering what Rose will smell like a year from now. Rational as a company helped define an interesting movement and market - that of development by model. Its founders defined various modeling methodologies into UML and codified its usage. But more than just modeling, Rational was the leader in defining an independent movement towards improved quality and process. And increasingly, RUP, Rational's Unified Process, has become a standard for describing, modeling, and running projects. There are several reasons why that ... (more)

A Look at WS-I

Rhody: Let's start with a high-level overview of WS-I and, if you can, highlight key members, new members, and what your broad mission statement is. Glover: As far as key members are concerned, I'd have to say every member is a key member. The mission statement is really easy. As emerging standards, particularly Web services standards, are adopted by the marketplace, and as it is discovered that there are interoperability issues related to the use of those standards, WS-I will produce profiles and supporting materials that address those interoperability issues and resolve them. Th... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: Open Wounds – How Free May End Up Being Costly

Like many people in the industry, I'm torn over open source software. I'm not opposed to developers creating software and deciding they do it for the love of programming, and have no need for payment - if they want to give their work away, I see no reason why they shouldn't be able to do so, although I think the people who want all software to be free should first get uniform agreement from everyone in the industry to work for nothing before they get on that soapbox. Even though I run a magazine in my spare time, I make my living designing software, and I personally don't want to... (more)

How to Sell an SOA

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time speaking to people about service oriented architecture (and it’s variants for infrastructure and enterprise) and about how best to create a true implementation (or at least, an effective one).  There is a great deal of detail in creating such an artifact – design yes, but also implementation, operational details, governance and a myriad of other tasks that can easily take up a chief architect’s entire day.  These tasks are all vital to the actual creation of the architecture, but for all that they may seem the fundamental first steps in e... (more)

The XML Mambo

Every so often I read something that makes me scratch my head and wonder. Most recently this phenomenon occurred when I read an editorial concerning Java and XML in a Web development magazine. The author wrote that he thought the concept of XML was easy to understand in terms of its usefulness, while he was puzzled over the reason for Enterprise JavaBeans. I sat back and said to myself, Is it me, or do people who get into programming by designing Web sites always get it backwards? Not to malign the author, who did a good job of explaining both technologies, but I've been working ... (more)