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My neighborhood is home to a host of birds, many of which fly south during the winter months. With spring in bloom, I always look forward to the return of the various avian travelers who dart and weave all over the open fields near my home. That's the kind of migration I look forward to. In the software world, there's a less appealing form of migration, one we can never truly get away from. That's the migration of code and servers from one version to the next. Some migration efforts have been a direct result of the evolution of the EJB and J2EE specifications. In the earliest incarnations, much of the deployment mechanism was left up to the container vendors. While EJBs were, in theory, portable, for all practical purposes, it was an adventure to move them from one container to another - which we often had to do as organizations explored the emerging container vendo... (more)

Why Superman Works Alone

Toward the end of the last Batman movie, when Robin is giving Batman a hard time, George Clooney gets fed up and says, "This is why Superman works alone." While I'm often tempted to think along the same lines, the reality of our business is that we work in teams. This leads to the topic of this month's diatribe: team development. Large-scale software development is a complex process. The majority of it takes place in a corporate environment that requires rigor and process. The most familiar of these processes is usually the task of obtaining the blessing of the DBA for your datab... (more)

Living On The Edge

This is my first note to let everyone know about the plans for our very own, SYS-CON-sponsored JavaEdge2001 International Java Developer Conference & Expo. This year's conference will be held in New York City from September 23 to September 26. As a corporation, SYS-CON has committed to providing leading-edge information, training, and exhibits in a number of areas that we serve via publications. In addition to the JavaEdge conference, we've also scheduled conferences for XML (XMLEdge2001), wireless (WirelessEdge2002), Linux (LinuxEdge2002), and ColdFusion (ColdFusionEdge2002). It... (more)

Who Will Be King of J2001?

Lately I've received a number of e-mails and had conversations regarding J2EE compliance and what it means to the industry. Each conversation or message has a slightly different slant depending on whether the person on the other end is a vendor or a reader or a colleague. What almost everyone seems to agree on is that the J2EE standard has done more to create a basic parity among vendors than any other event in the short but colorful history of Java. Parity excites end users (in this case developers or IT departments) and depresses vendors. IT departments love the portability of J... (more)

My Forte

My Forté Here's an old joke. A guy in a strange town needs to get a haircut. There're only two barbers in the town, but the guy doesn't know either of them. Which one does he pick? The answer is the guy with the worst haircut. Why? Because neither barber can cut his own hair, so the guy with the worst haircut is the better barber. What's this got to do with Java? Well, it reminds me of the strange position that Sun has been in for the past several years. I think Java is one of the most profound software concepts to ever come along, and there's no question that Sun is the proud o... (more)