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Rhody: Let's start with a high-level overview of WS-I and, if you can, highlight key members, new members, and what your broad mission statement is. Glover: As far as key members are concerned, I'd have to say every member is a key member. The mission statement is really easy. As emerging standards, particularly Web services standards, are adopted by the marketplace, and as it is discovered that there are interoperability issues related to the use of those standards, WS-I will produce profiles and supporting materials that address those interoperability issues and resolve them. That is, in a nutshell, what we do. We started in February 2002 and have been under way for about a year and a half. We started by focusing on what was commonly perceived to be the bedrock for Web services - SOAP for transport, WSDL for definition of Web services, and UDDI for discovery. Those ... (more)

SOA Web Services Journal's Sean Rhody: Hot Wheels – Web Services Management

Sean Rhody (pictured), editor-in-chief of SOA Web Services Journal, writes: I have a friend who's very into automobiles. He gets a new car every year or two - not expensive ones, but ones that can be used in stock racing (I know I'm getting the term wrong somehow) and time trials. He likes to drive and tries to get the most out of his vehicles. Recently, I went for a ride in his latest purchase. I'm used to his having computers and more gauges than the space shuttle, but somehow this one was a bit different, almost as if it were intended to get the most information to the driver.... (more)

The Perfect Beast

Build a better mousetrap and the world will build a better mouse. In the beginning we had a two-tiered architecture (I count mainframes as prehistory), and we could figure out how to do things with it. Unfortunately, one of the things we figured out was that we needed more than two tiers. Up came the concept of an application server and a Web server to accompany our ubiquitous database server. I've had occasion recently to look at a number of currently available application servers. In general I like what I see, but as usual there isn't one single product that fulfills every need... (more)

Net Market Madness

I spent a couple of weeks in Florida recently - ignoring the Internet and hoping the market dip would go away. It felt good not to pull e-mail (all right, I did, but not every day) and it gave me some time to think about the whirlwind pace that's been the routine of the past year. About a year ago I got involved in the development of what I call "Net Markets." You're probably familiar with the concept but you probably haven't logged onto one. In its simplest form a Net Market is eBay - a place to buy or sell stuff - and in a more complex form it's the stock exchange. But eBay is... (more)

A Web Services Success Story

For nearly 160 years, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) has been collecting and providing information and analysis on public and private companies worldwide. As a business information company, D&B relies heavily upon technology to support data that produces up-to-the-minute decisioning products. In fact, the D&B global database is updated more than 1 million times a day and D&B owns and maintains one of the world's largest privately-run computer networks. In addition to collecting and aggregating information on more than 63 million companies worldwide, D&B offers products and services that ... (more)