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Like many people in the industry, I'm torn over open source software. I'm not opposed to developers creating software and deciding they do it for the love of programming, and have no need for payment - if they want to give their work away, I see no reason why they shouldn't be able to do so, although I think the people who want all software to be free should first get uniform agreement from everyone in the industry to work for nothing before they get on that soapbox. Even though I run a magazine in my spare time, I make my living designing software, and I personally don't want to do it for free. I'm not opposed to people who want to develop for fun, or for the pure joy of programming. Lots of students in college do this, and many hardcore programmers who don't get enough code during the day seem to grind it out after hours as well. Eventually though, the economics ca... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: Death to the Browser

To paraphrase, "I come not to praise the Browser, but to bury it." Because the cold hard fact of application development is that the browser needs to die. Immediately. It's already caused more than enough damage. This may seem to be a harsh statement. After all, the browser was responsible for the explosion of the Internet. It serves many useful purposes and people do billions of dollars worth of business through it every year. Seemingly, I should be praising the browser, not calling for its execution. Nevertheless, the browser needs to go, and we all know it. It's the dirty sec... (more)


Almost invariably, when I write an article I know pretty much what I want to say, and the part I have the most difficulty with is the introduction. This is my first column as editor-in-chief of Java Developer's Journal, so while most of you are familiar with our magazine, many of you may be less familiar with me. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and also describe where I think we'll be taking JDJ over the next few months. First of all, this is the second magazine I've edited - the first being our sister publication, PowerBuilder Developer's Journal (PBDJ). I'... (more)


You see personalization and targeted marketing all over the web. Almost every commerce site offers you the opportunity to set up your own favorites, rearrange their home page to suit your tastes, and be remembered when you come to their site. Every site I visit allows me to set up my own personalized content. I use MSN for some things, like tracking my stocks and local weather. I use CNN for news. I use Amazon for buying things and eBay for trading. And everyone lets me do it my way. As a system architect who concentrates on commerce sites, I spend a lot of time figuring out how... (more)

Hype, Stealth, and the Dark Side of Web Services

As the new year finally starts to take hold, we're seeing a number of interesting, challenging, and even disturbing trends in the world of Web services. One of the more interesting business intelligence reports predicted recently that Web services will hit the height of its "hype curve" midway through this year. In case you've never seen the hype curve, it's a curve with a sharp rise at the near end, and a gradual slope downward. The beginning of the curve signifies nascent products - things that are known only to small numbers of folks and are usually still fairly immature. The... (more)