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In the world of Web services, the question of the month is about platforms. Does the Web services world resemble the political system of the United States, with a two-party system, or is it a more free-wheeling system of coalitions and multiple interests? Of course, I'm referring to platforms that are technical, not political, although similarities exist on a political level. This month our focus is on J2EE and .NET as platforms for Web services. I had my share of discussions as to whether we're talking about Java or J2EE. Some tend to think of Java as a language, and then believe a comparison between Java and C# is appropriate. I think it's truly J2EE as a platform, the totality of the enterprise in Java, that is most comparable to .NET. Even so, there are notable differences, similar to the differences between Republicans and Democrats. .NET is a platform, but it i... (more)

SOA World Editorial — Getting on the Grid

One of the most interesting aspects of being a consultant is that I get exposed to any number of different facets of system design in the course of an assignment. While I tend to focus more on application and integration work, I find it fascinating to deal with the concepts of services in the context of infrastructure. In the past, I've been called upon to design Service-Oriented Infrastructures (SOI) - the hardware and platform software, along with customizations for the needs of the actual deployment environment - instead of creating an application architecture. SOI is really ... (more)

I Told You So

About two years ago a colleague of mine named Joe leaned over my cubicle wall and said, "Hey, I just downloaded this new language called Java. It's pretty cool!" At the time I can't remember being very excited about another programming language. I was a PowerBuilder maven and Joe was up to his eyeballs in C++. That probably accounts for some of my disinterest and Joe's initial drooling (sorry, Joe, but you did). Two years and one large-scale Java project later, I'm as much a convert as Joe. That doesn't mean I want to rebuild everything that's ever been written in Java, nor does ... (more)

Process Improvements

One of the nice things about working for a large consulting company is that I have access to our strategic services department. These are the people who help develop strategies for our clients and research industry trends and conditions. I recently spoke with a few of our folks who are concentrating on the business-to-business (B2B) market. This discussion was part of what fueled this month's column. Last year's hottest trend in B2B, the Net market, has cooled down considerably, for a couple of reasons. First is the general trend in the market for business plans with a concrete ... (more)

New Technology

The saying goes, "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door." The world rewards innovation and improvement. It likes new things. This month's focus is on new Java technology. Given the rapid pace of development in our area, that's not quite the oxymoron that it appears. New specifications, new releases, new products come out almost daily. Last year SUN released the 1.0 specification for Enterprise JavaBeans. I can name a dozen products that implement the 1.0 specification at this point, and that number is likely to grow before it shrinks. More recently,... (more)