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To paraphrase, "I come not to praise the Browser, but to bury it." Because the cold hard fact of application development is that the browser needs to die. Immediately. It's already caused more than enough damage. This may seem to be a harsh statement. After all, the browser was responsible for the explosion of the Internet. It serves many useful purposes and people do billions of dollars worth of business through it every year. Seemingly, I should be praising the browser, not calling for its execution. Nevertheless, the browser needs to go, and we all know it. It's the dirty secret of the IT world, one we never like to talk about - as a mechanism for delivering a GUI, the browser stinks. Stinks isn't even a strong enough word. The browser was intended to deliver text across the Internet, and it's good at that. So good that people began to piggyback other things onto... (more)

SOA Editorial - A Little Help from My Friends

It's sometimes funny to write about service-oriented architecture. One of the things I say often and believe is that you can't buy a service-oriented architecture. SOA is not just technology, it's philosophy, organizational change, and business transformation. There's no place to buy that kind of dramatic, deeply impacting change. The funny part, at least to me, is that you can, however, buy or acquire a good deal of infrastructure to set this up from a single source. In the industry, we call that a platform. And that's what this month's issue is about - SOA platforms. Service-... (more)

SOA Web Services Journal's Sean Rhody: Hot Wheels – Web Services Management

Sean Rhody (pictured), editor-in-chief of SOA Web Services Journal, writes: I have a friend who's very into automobiles. He gets a new car every year or two - not expensive ones, but ones that can be used in stock racing (I know I'm getting the term wrong somehow) and time trials. He likes to drive and tries to get the most out of his vehicles. Recently, I went for a ride in his latest purchase. I'm used to his having computers and more gauges than the space shuttle, but somehow this one was a bit different, almost as if it were intended to get the most information to the driver.... (more)

SOA World Editorial — Who's in Charge Here?

You know, I love an election year. The drama, the emotion, the positioning, it all makes me think about running for office myself - or at least going through the motions to generate a large war chest that I can dip into (I AM from New Jersey, it's a time-honored tradition). Oh, wait a minute this isn't an election year. Not that you'd know it from the slew of politicians tossing their hats in the ring. I guess it's a good idea to get in the race early if you're aiming for the brass ring. Service Oriented Architecture is a complicated endeavor: it provides great flexibility in im... (more)

Jack, Be Nimble

Are you nimble enough? That seems to be the new buzzword in the Internet world. Nimble. Nimbleness. Nimbler. My development team is nimbler than yours. Being nimble is the name of the game today. It's not enough to be good developers, we've got to be quick developers. What's driving this? What's wrong with the way we've been doing business? I can name that tune in two words ­ the Internet. The sensationalism surrounding each new dot.com IPO has created a market in which the business plan is to be first at any cost. Many of the companies going public nowadays have a business plan... (more)