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Picture this. You sit down in your recliner, tell it to go to the "TV watching position," then address your desire to your new 81-inch TV - "Find me a rerun of I Dream of Jeanie" -and sit back to watch Barabara Eden confound Larry Hagman yet again. Sounds far-fetched, but Sun is on the case trying to make it a reality. JINI, Sun's latest Java product, is designed to allow all this to happen (although it's not specifically aimed at voice recognition; that's just editor"s license) for a range of electronic products. JINI is designed to allow any device to participate and share in a network. That network can be built in the traditional fashion using copper wire, or it can make use of wireless technology to achieve an unplugged connection. The idea, of course, is that your home electronics or your office electronics can interact with each other and discover services ava... (more)

The Past Through Tomorrow

It's not often you get to write an end-of-the-millennium column (once every thousand years, last time I checked). I thought that a little reminiscing about the past few years might be in order, followed by a brief look in the crystal ball to see what we have in store for you in the next century. The first time I saw Java, it was 1996. Back then, few could imagine the impact this small, object-oriented language would have on the world. I was working in several 4GLs at the time and didn't immediately see the value of write once, run anywhere. As you can see, I've come around. Java ... (more)

Source Notes

Years ago, when I was in college, I decided to pursue a minor in music to offset the insanity of getting a degree in physics. I spent a bit of time learning the key signatures, and how to transpose music written in one key to another, usually simpler, key (since I'm not much of a musician). I'm not sure how many sharps are in the key of C sharp at this point, but I think it had to be one of the more difficult keys to read, if not play. I've received a good deal of mail and other input regarding Microsoft's new C Sharp specification, including some very interesting comparisons from... (more)

Going, Going GONE!

I may be somewhat unusual, but I've never bought anything at an online auction. I've seen eBay, and one of my friends sold some of his collection of valuable magazines (okay, comic books) on eBay, but I've never gone the whole route and come home with the goods. I've thought about it a couple of times. I recently built a computer from parts, and one of the places I looked for motherboards had an auction, but they didn't have the board I wanted and there was no way to post my own offer to buy. Auctions consist of at least two different processes, if not three. There's the straigh... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Wakesoft

  SYS-CON Radio Host Sean Rhody interviews Krishna Gollamudi, President, Wakesoft Click here to listen {interview in MP3 format} ... (more)