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I recently attended a technical conference and sat in on an interesting discussion concerning moving from traditional testing to testing of object-oriented systems. As many of you know, testing and quality assurance is one of my pet peeves. All too often, groups of otherwise intelligent, experienced software developers become spineless jellyfish when it comes to putting together and sticking with a realistic estimate for the amount of testing needed to ensure that the system under development is completed and debugged. We've all paid the price for this neglect. How many service packs, patches and point updates have you had to install for your commercial software? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The press rarely gets a glimpse inside the halls of industry to report on the situation within internal development groups. Gross underestimation of the testing effor... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: Death to the Browser

To paraphrase, "I come not to praise the Browser, but to bury it." Because the cold hard fact of application development is that the browser needs to die. Immediately. It's already caused more than enough damage. This may seem to be a harsh statement. After all, the browser was responsible for the explosion of the Internet. It serves many useful purposes and people do billions of dollars worth of business through it every year. Seemingly, I should be praising the browser, not calling for its execution. Nevertheless, the browser needs to go, and we all know it. It's the dirty sec... (more)

Can I Be of Service?

When I started to think about writing this month's column I looked on the Internet for a good way to define service-oriented architecture (SOA). Some of the definitions were interesting, like "A Service Oriented Architecture is basically a Collection of Services" (www.service-architecture.com/). Others were a little bit more technical, such as "SOA is an architectural style whose goal is to achieve loose coupling among interacting software agents" (www.xml.com). The definitions varied considerably, and often included notes that SOA is not a new concept, things like DCE and CORBA ... (more)

SOA World Editorial — Who's in Charge Here?

You know, I love an election year. The drama, the emotion, the positioning, it all makes me think about running for office myself - or at least going through the motions to generate a large war chest that I can dip into (I AM from New Jersey, it's a time-honored tradition). Oh, wait a minute this isn't an election year. Not that you'd know it from the slew of politicians tossing their hats in the ring. I guess it's a good idea to get in the race early if you're aiming for the brass ring. Service Oriented Architecture is a complicated endeavor: it provides great flexibility in im... (more)

SOA World - Come Together

Back before I began my career in computers, I studied physics. One of the concepts that fascinated me was that of nuclear fusion - bringing two particles together to form a new, heavier particle and at the same time producing energy. In the business world, I find the concept of a merger between two companies very much akin to the concept of fusion. You have two companies, which are the particles in this analogy, and you bring them together, creating one new particle, the new company, as well as energy. We can debate the actual value of energy in this analogy, but from my perspec... (more)